Image Collection

The CAED’s extensive slide collection of 120,000 slides and growing digital image collection some 24,000 images, are uniquely housed in the Hay Media Resource Center as are the Plan Collection and the Materials Collection.

The Hay NRC’s Digital Image Database (NRC-DID) is a joint and on-going project created and augmented with the cooperation of faculty, students and the NRC staff. The CAED faculty, students, and alumni donate their travel slides to the NRC-DID collection. The NRC staff supplement these donated travel images with scanned images from books in the public domain.

Major subject areas of the NRC-DID include:

  • European and Asian architectural works (historic and contemporary)
  • European and Asian city parks and gardens
  • Historic city views and plans
  • Vernacular architecture

Having acces to images in NRC-DID makes it possible for students and faculty to visually analyze formal elements in architectural works and site designs.

Students and faculty can also scan slides from the NRC slide collection or their own slide collections using the NRC’s Nikon LS 5000 slide scanner.

Image Database Access Guidelines

A new database for images is in the process of being established. Guidelines on how to access that database will be presented here when as information becomes available.

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